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Are you aware of the real value of your equipment?
On a week by week basis, values can change, but over a period of years major changes can occur.
Remember, your investment is expected to exceed the rate of inflation.
We can offer a guide to the value without seeing the equipment, but it is primarily given in order to assist your insurance valuation, it is not meant to be an exact indication of worth.
If you are registered with us, each year we will remind you of the average market rise (or fall) in valuations, in order you can advise your insurer, so as to keep your investment protected.
You don't have to have rare or vintage instruments to benefit from this service, all too often the loss of 3 or 4 basic guitars and amp set ups will add up to a fair amount.
Check the registration page for the benefits of having your equipment logged with us, it will make any future claim a lot less troublesome*
There are specialist insurers in the market, we do not recommend any particular company as we wish to remain without bias. We work for registered clients and get no financial support from third parties.

* We cannot confirm ownership of any item, only registration at a particular time, we cannot act as valuers but will assist you as much as possible in any claim.


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Do you know the real value of your equipment?















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