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GHS Boomers 'David Gilmour' Signature Strings

David Gilmour Signature Series voted World's Best Strings

GHS David Gilmour Signature Boomers are the world’s “Best Electric Guitar String” as per the M.I.P.A. International Press Awards, otherwise known as the “Grammy” of the Music Instrument/Pro Audio Industry. More than 100 magazines from all over the world got together to vote the BEST products of 2008/2009 and the award was presented at a special Awards Ceremony in Germany at the recent Frankfurt Musikmesse. Voting publications included Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar World Magazine, and 98 others from around the world. GHS has enjoyed a long time relationship with Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour, dating back to their famous album, “The Wall”. There are two sets of the David Gilmour Signature Strings with one set designated for use with Gibson guitars and the other for Fender guitars. They are the same strings used by Gilmour and designed to meet his specifications. GHS company President, Russ McFee stated, "We are very proud to have our David Gilmour Boomers selected as the best guitar string in the world by such a prestigious and large group of publications." GHS Strings is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. www.ghsstrings.com
Posted: 7-1-2009

What our reviewer says

Most players, especially blues and rock guitarists, for some time have understood the advantage of 'top heavy' string sets. There are two different sets available for effectively two different guitar styles. As for Gilmour, he uses guages 10, 12, 16, 28, 38, and 48 on his Fender Stratocaster, and guages 10.5, 13, 17, 30, 40 and 50 on his Gibson Les Paul.
These strings were fitted to an '83 'gold on gold' 30th aniversary strat. They are comfortable to play, fingers glide nicely, we haven't been able to break them yet, even with excessive string bending. They remain in tune after whammy bar abuse. We have only so far tested the 'blue' set up, but would expect similar results from the 'red' as this is a well known and well respected brand. Tone is a little on the bright side, but there is adjustment on your guitar and rig to compensate for this isf you want to. They are well suited to the fast tappers as well as the string benders.

Overall if you shop around, you will find they cost the same as any other decent strings, and therefore well worth considering

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