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Standback Amp Stand - Simple yet Effective

With the majority of us using smaller amp set ups nowadays it is often the case we need to angle our kit in order to hear what we are playing, often the others in the band have a clearer idea than you of your sound, it is fine for the sound man to set up the balance pre show but once done without decent monitors you cannot always get the same feeling about your music as the audience and therefore the possibility of over doing the volume comes into play. Amp stands have been around some time, they are great at overcoming this issue however it is another chunky piece of gear to carry and store. The Standback is a neat simple idea which transports easily, assembles quickly, without tools, and allows your amp to maintain contact with the stage set.

What the manufacturer says:

Lightweight and durable - Weighs less than a pound, and new 'ribbed' design will support amps up to 100 lbs.

Amp stays on floor maintaining your low end (Coupling effect)

Folds flat to fit in your gig bag or in the back of most amps

Adjustable amp angle

What our reviewers say:

We passed the sample unit around various clients and to keep things simple, and ensure their cooperation, we just wanted to know the basic, did it work? Was it strong enough? Any sound problems? Any issues at all?

Everyone reported back positively, they all commented on how easy and quick it was to set up though they did need the instructions for the first few times. It was tried on carpet, wood and outdoors on cement flooring, no issues with the sound at all, any criticism of controls not being visible, (top control amps only), can be dismissed on the basis that once set the controls are rarely changed during a set, that’s what we have pedals for.

It worked well with large or small combos as well as heavy units such as 100w Marshall Valve and Peavy KB3. If we had to raise any concerns it would be that on some amps with controls and/or sockets on the rear panel the stand cannot always be centred, nor can the angle be adjusted on open back type amps easily. Of course the many advantages to this device are numerous, easy to transport, fits in a gig bag or possibly in the back of your open cabinet amp. Quick to set up, minutes no more, allows you to hear yourself, maintains connection with the floor for purists concerned about loss of definition, though this is quite subjective and not everyone in every situation could appreciate this aspect.

Our verdict

You will pay around £25/$30 for this, a lot less than a bulky heavy tube design, and we expect you will soon come to appreciate the convenience. Great product, well done to Jason and team

Web: www.standback.net

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