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Some of best products from NAMM 2013

Olympus LS-100 wins mipa Musikmesse International Press Award 2013

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Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM Recorder

Olympus® LS-12 and LS-14 Linear PCM Recorders


Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM Recorder

Winner - Musikmesse International Press Award 2013

The pioneering Olympus LS-100 multi-track Linear PCM recorder has taken top honours in the Field Recorder category in this year’s mipa Musikmesse International Press Award 2013. The award, which is bestowed annually during the internationally renowned Musikmesse Frankfurt, distinguishes the world’s best and innovative musical instruments and audio equipment in more than 40 categories. Over 100 magazines from around the globe cast their votes in more 40 categories to select the winners of the 14th mipa Musikmesse International Press Award. The Olympus LS-100 has picked up the distinction in the Field Recorder category during a special awards ceremony held during this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt. It confirms the robust, innovative recorder’s professional feature set, outstanding performance characteristics and remarkable versatility that extends from use at home and the studio to reliable application in the field. The mipa Musikmesse International Press Award is conferred annually at the Musikmesse Frankfurt. The jury, consisting exclusively of magazines throughout the world, uniquely reveals the opinion of more than 100 international editorial teams on the best new musical instruments and audio equipment of the year. Now in its 14th year, the award widely recognised as the “Grammy” of the musical instrument/pro audio industry.

Record tracks more professionally than ever – wherever & whenever inspiration strikes

Uncompromising sound quality and all-round portable recording versatility have been the hallmark of all Olympus audio recorders in the renowned LS-range since its inception. Now, the LS-100 tops the lot and provides musicians and broadcasters with a state-of-the-art tool enabling the remarkable convenience of studio-grade, multi-track audio recording just about anywhere. As with its cousins in the LS-family, the new LS-100 delivers ultimate sound recording quality in uncompressed 96kHz/24bit Linear PCM splendour. This extreme audio quality has now been augmented with eight-track recording and the incorporation of overdubbing capabilities to dramatically expand the opportunities to turn sounds and individual tracks into complete compositions – all within the palm of the hand. Besides its integrated stereo mics, the LS-100 also features dual XLR/Phono combo jacks to facilitate the direct connection with professional external microphones or other musical equipment. Furthermore, this impressive mobile recording studio is capable of handling a maximum sound pressure level of up to 140dBspl The robust, mobile Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM recorder, featuring an eye-catching metal body, is available now at a recommended price of €449/£360.

Untainted sound recording for the purest results Audio quality par excellence is what professionals expect and will get from the LS-100. Besides stereo 320kbps MP3 recording, the uncompressed 2 96kHz/24bit Linear PCM format ensures highest recording quality. An expansive frequency range of 20-20,000Hz lets the dull thump of bass drums to be captured just as faithfully as the shrill song of a bird. In addition, with the capability to handle sound pressure up to 140dBspl – which is even 10dB louder than an ear-splitting rock band, drums or percussions – the intensity of sounds is no barrier to perfection either. Separate audio and system circuit boards with independent power supplies, together with the improved, sensitivity adjustable mics with a 90° layout and featuring a microphone guard ensure natural sound capture. Signals are optimised due to the onboard limiter and compressor. Furthermore, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) tweaks signals to their optimum level. And a switchable (300Hz/100Hz) low-cut filter also enhances recordings made in situations with background noise.

Size it up. The LS-100 is the first and currently only model in the Olympus LS range to boast dual XLR/Phono combo jacks (with 48/24V Phantom Power Supply). These enable instruments and professional external microphones to be plugged directly into the unit. The interface is equipped with an independent instrumentation amplifier, ensuring that low noise, high signal/noise (S/N) ratio recordings can confidently be made – even when using long leads. Levels for the left and right channels can be independently adjusted according to the requirements of the attached instruments thanks to the integrated recording level dial.

On cue for multi-track recording. Whether wanting to record in just one take or wishing to take advantage of the versatility multi-track recording offers, the LS-100 provides the power and flexibility to meet all demands. Up to eight tracks are at users’ disposal. Each can be separately volume adjusted and panned, then mixed down to create the complete composition.

More intelligent functions to bring music to your ears. Overdubs are also in the repertoire of the LS-100, allowing sound recording to take place over the original sound while simultaneously monitoring it. Meanwhile, the Playback Synchro Recording feature enables recording of an additional track while listening to another.
The first vital sounds of a recording will never be missed either thanks to the innovative Pre-Recording function, which lets the two seconds prior to hitting the record button to be captured. Additionally, with Voice Sync, users can set the LS-100 to automatically commence recording to file once sound hits a certain level. Index marks can also be placed at specific points on a track letting particular sections to be located more easily later on. And various repeat modes, including A-B Repeat, allow users to listen to precise track sequences at will.
Digital metronome and tuner features ensure that the timing of tracks is nothing less than perfect and instruments are always in tune. Users can also invoke the Lissajous function, which detects and displays the phase difference between the left and right external microphones from the sound source on the 5.1cm (2.0”) backlight LCD. Files are saved to the internal 4GB memory or on SD (up to 2GB) / SDHC (up to 32GB) / SDXC (up to 64GB) cards.
The durable and compact Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM recorder bestows musicians and broadcasters a high performance, mobile multi-track recording studio to fulfil all their needs – from a single track to a complete composition – boasting highest possible audio qualities. Jampacked with cutting-edge technology and ready-to-use hands-on features, this metal-bodied masterpiece is available now.

LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM Recorder – Main Features:

  • Linear PCM (up to 96kHz/24bit) and MP3 file formats
  • Multi-track recording (manage up to 8 tracks under 1 project)
  • Overdubbing capabilities
  • Playback Synchro
  • Voice Sync recording
  • Dual XLR/Phono combo jacks with Phantom Power Supply (48V/24V)
  • Directional stereo microphones with 90° layout
  • High quality, low noise amplifier circuitry with separate circuit boards for audio and system – each with independent power supply
  • Up to 140dBspl sound pressure
  • 20-20,000Hz frequency characteristics with built-in microphones
  • High signal/noise (S/N) ratio
  • Low-cut filter (300/100Hz)
  • Pre-Record buffer
  • Metronome, tuner and lissajous functions
  • Indexing function
  • File editing
  • File transfer and copying
  • MP3 convert
  • CD Writing function to burn composition to external CD drive
  • 4GB internal memory and SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot
  • 159 x 70 x 33.5mm, 280g (incl. battery)
  • Includes: USB cable, USB/mini USB converter connector, strap, AC adapter, LI-50B rechargeable battery, case

For a full list of LS-100 features, visit www.olympus.co.uk/audio


Olympus® LS-12 and LS-14 Linear PCM Recorders


Where Professional Audio Meets Simplicity

Directional stereo microphones capture pure sound up to 130dB SPL and Mode Select Dial allow users to set optimal recording levels without having to go into menu settings.

Olympus LS-12 and LS-14 Linear PCM digital handheld audio recorders. Successors to the overwhelmingly popular LS-7 and LS-10 PCM recorders, the LS-12 and LS-14 effortlessly capture and playback pristine, better-than-CD quality sound up to 130dB SPL with new on-board directional stereo microphones and amplifier. Ease of use is another key feature of the LS-12 and LS-14 as users can set optimal recording levels on a “Mode Select Dial” located on the face of the recorder rather than having to go through menu settings. There are also functions specifically for musicians, including overdub recording, Metronome and Chromatic Tuner capabilities. “The Olympus LS-12 and LS-14 Linear PCM recorders allow you to capture and playback live music and sound exactly how you experience it,” said Amy Leslie, Sr. Marketing & Business Development Manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “The revolutionary part of these recorders is that you don’t have to spend time playing around in the menu settings to find the perfect recording level to capture sound based on your environment. Just turn the dial to your ideal mode and press record.”

Touch That Dial
While the 1 ¾ inch LCD menu screen is intuitive and easy to follow, recording professional sound is made even easier by the Mode Select Dial and Smart Mode features. The Mode Select Dial, located on the bottom right-hand corner of both recorders, can be set to the following modes: Tuner, Manual, Quick and Smart. Tuner Mode sets the recorder as a Chromatic Tuner for musical instruments. In Manual Mode, experienced users can adjust the recording level manually, adjusting the level while playing music or capturing sound. Smart Mode is ideal for anyone from the novice to the seasoned veteran. It will automatically adjust to the optimum recording level with a single touch of the record button. By entering the loudest sound, Smart mode automatically adjusts to capture the best and professional-quality audio. While in Quick Mode, the user can immediately begin recording without adjusting levels.

Professional Sound
A hallmark of the Olympus LS series has always been superior sound quality, and the LS-12 and LS-14 take that reputation to a new level. The LS-12 features two new internal 90-degree directional stereo condenser microphones with a frequency response of 60Hz to 20 kHz, allowing the user to capture lower-bass frequencies. The LS-14 compliments those directional stereo condenser microphones with a third omnidirectional center “TRESMIC,” increasing the frequency response range to 20Hz - 20 kHz. This makes the LS-14 an ideal recorder for an incredibly loud environment. Both recorders support sound pressure levels up to 130 decibels, more than enough to capture extreme sound from a rock band without experiencing clipping issues.
Complimenting the new high-quality stereo microphones is a new amplifier circuitry. The audio and system circuitry are separated on the Olympus LS-12 and LS-14 to minimize sound degradation and keep the signal true. A switchable low-cut filter enables users to eliminate low-frequency sound at two different settings, 100Hz or 300Hz. With this feature, unwanted background noises can be greatly minimized.

A Musician’s Best Friend
Ideal for any musician’s gear bag, the Olympus LS-12 and LS-14 recorders feature overdubbing capabilities, allowing sound recording to take place over the original sound while simultaneously monitoring it through the Playback Synchro Recording feature. Playback speed control can be set anywhere from 50% to 300%, perfect for budding musicians to pick up tracks at their own pace. A Metronome feature allows users to keep flawless time, and the Chromatic Tuner function ensures accurate tuning for each musical instrument selected. Status for the Metronome and Chromatic Tuner are clearly displayed on the LCD menu screen. Metronome tempo is displayed through flashing buttons above the menu.

Specifications and Accessories
Files are recorded in PCM or MP3 modes and saved to the internal memory (2GB for the LS-12 and 4GB for the LS-14) or on SD / SDHC (up to 32GB) cards. The LS-12 and LS-14 operate on two AA alkaline batteries or two AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. The LS-14 recorder boast up to 48 hours of continuous recording while the LS-12 offers an impressive 50 hours. They also include mic, line-in, and ear jacks and a tripod hole on the back for a clip stand. The LS-12 comes in gunmetal grey, while the LS-14 comes in black.
The LS-12 and LS-14 are packaged with a USB cable and two AA alkaline batteries. In addition, the LS-14 comes with additional accessories, including a case and our new stand clip, which attaches to the tripod hole by allowing the device to be clipped directly to a microphone stand or displayed on a table reducing surface vibration.

































































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